He sat on the side of the mountain

I sat and listened all day

To the pictures that sprang from his mouth

Of a great and beautiful place

I sat and listened to this man

A great teacher and preacher to all

He spoke gently and kindly to all of us present

And to all who would read his great words

I was included in this great picture

Lowly and dirty though I

His love crashed through the barricades

The barriers of law that kept me out

The words floated from his mouth

And nestled in my heart

A symphony of letters

Broke through hurt and pain and loss

He sat on that mountainside

Teaching good news to all

That God loves us all each one alike

And all can know that love

My God

Your unfailing love is priceless

Your righteousness like mighty mountains

Your justice deeper than deep, deep, seas

Your faithfulness is boundless

And Your love reaches even me

In the shadow of your wings

I find rest, shelter and peace

The Light of this world

Humbled to walk as us

Punished as a living sacrifice

I owe You so much

Unworthy as I am, You love me

Sinner before You, Your grace envelopes

I confess, I heal, born anew

Broken hearted, remade soft

inspired by Psalm 36

A letter to Santa? the poem

I want a dad that doesn’t drink

Until he throws up in the kitchen sink

I want a mum who doesn’t bark

And kick and I hide from in the dark

I want relations who don’t bicker

Showing off to which one is thicker

I want a brother I can look after

That I can tickle with bursts of laughter

I want a sister I can keep safe

Away from those who in their deeds, chafe

I want a way out of here to a sunny place

Just a few hours to give my head space