A time to plant

Bloom where you are planted

The glibly spoken line

Often quoted rarely lived

What does your field look like?
Mine well sometimes it is

A minefield, never knowing where to step

Sometimes like a puddle seeping in my shoe

Often like a river Polluted further up
If you were to see what I see

The maggots, the carelessly thrown carcass

Would you shudder and withdraw

Or cheerfully say bloom where you are planted
If your mission field is work

Where people are no longer valued

Where one year contracts and no benefits

Are the order of the day

Where interns do a real days work

For no pay at all

And if you are different the bullies hone in
How to share Jesus in such a place

Or stay with the pack and survive?

One thing I know in the minefield of my life

When God has your back – it can happen
Celebrate yes celebrate our icky sticky mission fields

Jump for joy in the challenges of life

Sow those seeds of Gods mercy

Wherever you tread

Let the world know you are His

A time to bloom

Imagine wearing the labels

You hold deep within your heart

Imagine sharing the shame

As a brooch on your cardie
How many brooches would you wear?

Weighed down under the weight of metal

That my dear sister is how your heart feels

Weighed down, burdened, overwrought.
For decades this stuff accumulates

It kills the breath inside

Ella learned in a frozen land

And we can learn too
Let it go, let it go

Let your heart be cleansed

Let it be healed so you can wear

A different brooch
Daughter of the Living King

Forgiven, loved, awesome child

Let your inside match

The carefully prepared outside
And sing with joy

With abandon like David

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord

Saviour of us all.