Once a guy said, “Make it good,

I have needs, fix it.”

He was referring to me.


Once a guy said, “It is good,

for a comedian to laugh at self.”

He was referring to me.


Once a guy said, “That was good,

eloquent, honest and true.”

He was referring to me.


I live in this paradox of old and new

Of old feelings invading new thoughts

Of ancient beliefs violating new ways

Of senile emotions plundering new freedom

Of decrepit perceptions pillaging new life


At a time when society is dumbed by media-ocrity

At a time when bureaucracy is short-sightedly obtuse

At this time, in this paradox, I am asked for more.


I, cast as Limbkins, more is not forthcoming.

With icicles running through

Arterioles and the deep palmar arch,

I say no, in my head.

But my heart and hands:

They are doing and being

Something completely different.

Chordae tendineae tugging

As only heart strings can.

Pulling me on

Striving for more.


Can this paradox be something new

Vibrantly creative

Inventive without

Regurgitating yet another wheel

Leave unproductive ways

Fruitless and impotent

On the side of this new path.

Sermon 19 ~~~{The Great Privilege of those that are Born of God}

 “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin.”

1 John 3:9

Light bulb! Light bulb!
It started with a shower of rain and ended up quite something else. The niggle was “how dare it rain on MY holiday.” that was the beginning of a slide. Did the Spirit try to hold me, convict me. Yes of course, but I was bent on ignoring the righteousness of God, and Wesley in this sermon explains how it is that backsliding occurs.
We allow a little bit of this or that and allow a whole deluge to come in. It takes time to realise the error of our ways, we might need the intervention of a Nathan or Paul but if we are to continue to live in Christ we must get back on track.
Love this sermon, there is nothing in it to pick apart,  the illustrations are relevant to today’s world and I recommend this sermon to be red by every believer, it is very encouraging and yet challenging.
I feel a sermon coming on …

Sermon 18 ~~~ {The Marks of the New Birth}

“So is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

John 3:8

The first mark, Wesley tells us (Gal 3:26) is faith. It is the foundational mark and it is profoundly life changing, it is deeply rooted in the personal relationship we have with the Lord and is fed by daily spending time with Scripture, meeting in fellowship, meditating on the word and prayer.

He takes time to give out to those who say that to sin habitually is against the concept of the new birth. But what he is really saying here is that one of the marks of the new birth is not sinning. We are dead to sin and alive in Christ. In one of the previous sermons he said sin was still around us but that we didn’t allow it reign in us as we did before the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

He again touches on the fruit of the Spirit and living in joy, peace and love. And then he comes to hope which I preached on Sunday week. Secular hope, real hope and a quasi real hope that many people attending church – a hedging bets with a pick and mix religion that many of our pews are filled with (across all churches)

Sometimes I think I am afraid to repeat myself but Wesley has no fear – he spends a good amount of time in this sermon again pointing out the greatest commandment ” love the Lord your God with all.. and love your neighbour …” I shall be less afraid now!

Finally he touches on good works as being the result of a transformed life – a mark of the new birth not to gain reputation either here or in heaven but that we are compelled to good works in His strength.