Sermon 13 ~~~On Sin in Believers

This is one of those sermons that gives you an “a ha” moment. Like we pray all the time asking for forgiveness in general terms, going back to Adam and original sin. We say we are a bunch of sinners but when we say it, are we really saying:

“Well you lot might have done something wrong this week, but me, well I am living above reproach. There is nothing in my life that is sinful.”

And why do we think like that >>> Because we have been baptised by the Holy Spirit, we are free from the chains of sin. So sin isn’t in our life, is it?

Wesley nails this, absolutely. Yes there is sin in our life, we get frustrated at being in the wrong queue in the Post Office yet again as people sail in ‘counter number 1’ but we are in ‘counter number 2’ queue and the guy two in front not only has a humongous parcel for Outer Mongolia and needs a receipt in triplicate and did we mention it is “FRAGILE” and the toddler with the woman behind him is taking all the cards out of the display and stamping on them whilst mother, blissfully unaware is on the phone getting the latest goss. The man in front of us is coughing and sneezing like he should be in bed, rather than spreading germs and does he have to turn around every time and apolgise with candles of snot hanging from his nose as spittle leaves his mouth in a trajectory course for our face and we smile sweetly as we notice “Outer Mongolia” man is paying in coin, not even silver but copper, 1,2,3. Of course we get frustrated and angry.

For that moment.

That is the difference, here. That is the difference, we are angry for a moment and then we ask the Lord to take that thought captive and free us from it.

We are not seeped in sin, but we do sin. If we were seeped in sin, we might take out our wee .22 and lose the queue entirely or when it is our turn at the counter we might attack verbally the counter assistant, who is entirely blameless.

Now there’s a point. Someone, totally blameless getting in the neck because we are having a hard time.

Someone, totally blameless, died in excruciating agony so we might live, so we might be free from the chains of sin.

What a Saviour!

response to J by F

vile creature, miserable wretch

turn, turn, turn

deserving of wrath and anger,

of the fiery bowels

turn, turn, turn

tell it out

tell it out from your soul

empty your carbonised heart

not with pride or arrogance

but as humble as the worm

slinking through the loam

have you turned yet?

what’s to come? you ask

freedom, worm, freedom

chains are broken

hearts fly free


without operation

salvation and faith

and a whole gamut of fruit

all free gifts from the one who loves

the one who loves first

loves you


Sermon Five ~~ Justification by Faith

Have you ever been racked with guilt and shame that your bones ached? The guy that wrote Psalm 32 knows all about it. His bones were wasting away and his strength was being sapped out of him. He was in a really bad place. Do you relate?

Imagine being told that all you had to do was turn to Jesus, confess and repent and all (YES ALL) would be forgiven, that the past would never be revisited (although there may be consequences) and it would never be brought up again.

When I sit down to dinner with certain people, that is all they want to do, rake up the past, bring every last unpalatable morsel to the table and wonder why I have no appetite.

Because of Je–sus. There is no condemnation. We are justified freely by his
grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ. Notice the words:

FREELY              GRACE                              REDEMPTION


Freely justified

Free grace

Free redemption

Follower of Jesus for free.

Justified means pardoned, there is no community service, no sentence – deferred or otherwise. There is freedom and it is free.

When we choose to be followers of Jesus we are pardoned from all sin. He shows his mercy and we accept forgiveness…

And then the real work begins … santification, being made righteous over time (lots and lots of it)

Having been physically ill from guilt is a powerful thing, not in itself, but when the guilt is gone, lifted, to be seen no more, the freedom is mighty.

Sermon Twenty Nine The moral law

john                                             audio clip


Wesley says the moral law is a necessary tool of the Holy Spirit to convict us when we are straying. He himself admits to falling short of Jesus’ command on you shall not commit murder even in a bad thought.

The Law as in the ritualistic ceremonial law is gone, the ten commandments are still there. Two more were added Love the Lord your God with all your mind… and love your neighbour as yourself.

But what if you don’t feel much for yourself. One of the first things you are told in counselling is talk to yourself in a mirror. I tried, oh I tried but I could not look myself in the eyes and speak even nice pleasantries to myself. I was unworthy of being spoken to. Worthless.

As I was attending church at this time and listening to these scriptures. I had the loving your neighbour down. Of course I loved everyone else, I could even see God’s mercy extending to repentant murderers but I just couldn’t see it applying to me. I tried to change, turn my back on the sins that were ever present. Work on one and another would appear like the bashing moles game at the seaside.

Out of the blue behaviours surfaced that I had left in my mid twenties or late teens. I became obsessed in an unhealthy way to my appearance and dug holes in my flesh, I began to control the bits of my life I could, going on a very strict dietary intake, forbidding this that and the other but it was no good. I was spiralling into the darkness when I had a small peak of the light.

I was healed in time, in God’s time, and I can look at myself though possibly not as God sees me. I see what’s wrong, he sees a child he loves.

In the law as Wesley sees it we are free. We are free from the yoke of sin, we are free from Mosaic ceremonial law, free from the guilt of sin, free from the fear of hell. He says “continue to obey the law of freedom and so every day you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”

Sermon Eight Freedom from guilt

john                                                          audio clip

Wesley’s sermon on freedom from guilt begins by outlining who it is that lives in union with Jesus. They have faith, have confidence in, believe in and love God and do not rely on their own righteousness but have been bought by the blood of Christ living  in union which is an indescribably joyful spiritual experience.

He says at the beginning that these people no longer sin but later in the sermon he teases that out a little more. So hold that thought. When we are held in a state of dependence on the Lord we are given the strength and power to overcome sinfulness. No longer will we desire those things from our past lives but only desire to do what is pleasing to the Lord. The fruit of the Spirit are in evidence in our lives, all the time, not just in public but when we are behind closed doors, when no other human is watching. We are given the tools necessary to keep us turned to God and way from sin.

When we live in union with Jesus we have no guilt. Our past sins are gone, forgotten and so there is no need to think of them. I remember being asked to give a testimony to a group of people some time ago and when I began to collate my thoughts I found that a lot of that past life I could no longer recall. It was gone, finished. It is in the acceptance of forgiveness we truly begin to live, in the forgiving ourselves, we realise that there is no condemnation here.

We tend to be sensitive around people who are slipping or who begin to feel guilty about something again but Wesley is more pointy and tells it as it is. If you are feeling guilty you have ceased to be a believer.

Within us we have the potential for anger and sin of every kind. It is part of the struggle of Christian living that sin is so close to us. The Holy Spirit guides us away from sin but because it is so near we can choose to go have a looksee. It no longer comes easy to us we physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually have to turn toward it and it is not natural for us to do so. But I can say from experience it is possible, it is freaking painful and mocks the living God and not something that I ever have an intention of doing again.

I was in a moment, a very definite call had been put on my life and I was trying my hardest to point out to God that he really did have the wrong person, there were many more suitable people who could do what he wanted me to and I just was not able. So best way to get out of it do the opposite, do something so outrageously bad that I would be unacceptable and I could go on with my easy existence. Well no, it didn’t work out that way because God used the situation I got myself in for his glory. The full details of this situation have been fictionalised and published and can be found if you so wish. Like my past life, it is gone and finished and I learned so much from the experience, and even last week got given new tools to deal with any potential situations arising. I love my God.

Okay so Wesley said they don’t sin, but we know that we are children of God and we do sin. He outlines how for him this works. There is the sins of ignorance – when we didn’t know something or we try to help in a situation and it is made worse. These are mistakes that do not cause a separation between self and God. We often hear ourselves saying “I never meant any harm” “if you have taken offence at what I have said I apologise I didn’t mean it like that”

There are situations beyond our control, we are supposed to do something but we get sick and can’t. So there is no choice and no guilt, there can be upset at not being able to do the thing but no guilt.

My favourite phrase is the “sins of surprise.” I think these are the ones that crop up in our lives most often. Mild mannered Mr Brown suddenly loses the plot at some kids stealing his flowers after forty years of mildness. This is a surprise and the culpability depends on how much warning the person gets. So if Mrs Brown told him that the kids were coming then he should have been prepared and so his loss of temper is a bigger deal than if he had no warning at all. Our own conscience as well as the Spirit will convict us of these surprise sins.

We are also assaulted by the spiritual battle going on for our soul. Satan wants us to backslide and gives us every opportunity to do so. Our foolishness at being tempted by the devil does not cause us to be guilt ridden for we know we can throw ourselves on God’s mercy and as we are held in grace, we know, we have assurance that once we honestly and authentically ask for forgiveness, it is given.

So Wesley brings his thoughts to a conclusion with no slipping into either remorse or sin, God can conquer our sin if we let him. He is our rock, if we lean on him, keep turned to him there is no need for guilt. Because he loves us he gives us the strength to battle sin and battle Satan’s wiles. When we realise our weakness and helplessness we are made strong by the Lord, in the Lord, for the Lord.