who knows the Secrets of the Broadband black box

The box of possibilities is Pandora’s to me

Advert offered speed, reliability, the world {wide web}

I get sludge, moving through mud


The wires in the back laugh at me

This simple black box 3 inches by 3

Offered freedom and spewed servitude instead


The blue wire violates my time machine

That has stayed still ever since

No distant lands of ether to discover


My wifi has lost my 412 in the 512

k “work from home” a loser’s paradise

A dreamless dispassion of unemployability.

the alone of loneliness

I stepped aside
I moved position
I got left behind

My mates produced kids
My mates produced CVs
My mates produced new strands to the corporate rhythm

I left the office
I vacated the family
I walked the mountain trail

My mates got new cars
My mates got lucky
My mates got the prize – wife, kids, job

I produced nothing
I sit and I stare
Sometimes even words are scarce in my solitude.

But what they don’t get
What the world don’t get
I was always lonely even in a crowd

I was the silicate swan, too precious to touch
I was the sharp gravel path, too hard to touch
I was the composite explosion, too dangerous to touch.
I was untouched, aloof, alone
The stereotypical Lonely Girl.

A Day at the seaside

A woman
was impaled by a beach umbrella
and had to be freed with a bolt cutter,
police in the US said.
Mary Radley, 68,
was at Seaside Downs in Santa Monica
on Monday when part of the apparatus
pierced her right ankle and
was driven completely through due to the “force of the wind”,
so the nice reporter from the local newspaper said.
Borough Police Chief Timmy Lloyd (he’s a fine catch, ladies)
said fire crews used a bolt cutter
on the umbrella to free her, and
then put her in an ambulance.
Mary Radley, 68 said nothing when the nice reporter came to visit.

Though I did eat all the chocolates later and smiled.

{this is an exercise for a course I am doing}