Sermon Thirteen Purifying the heart

john                                                                 audio clip

This sermon is very encouraging to the congregation, it is not as pointy as others have been, there would have been no seat squirming. It simply states the meaning of ‘purifying the heart’ and the implications.

It is a sermon infused with love, preached to believers with the usual call to be careful of the dangers of backsliding and to rejoice in all the Lord has done for each believer.

When we sing “He’s ALIVE” we mean it, we know it to be true, our hearts sing to the Lord, our voices mere instruments of that worship. All God requires is our heart, that we be living sacrifices for him, empty vessels for him to use. To a worldly person it sounds like slavery but to us born of the Spirit it is joy that motivates us to do these things. It is the love of God that permeates every fibre of our body, mind and soul that causes us to respond to our God, our hearts softened and remain soft to love because first we were loved, are loved and will continue to be loved forevermore by the Lord.

We praise your name O God

We are your children

Born of the Spirit, not of the flesh

We worship You, our King

As a servant You came down

As a King You will reign

Sovereign over our lives

Reign in us today, Lord

Each day we praise Your name

Each day reign over us and in us

Creation joins with us in song

To praise Your name, praise Your name

Some sermons need little explanation or reflection, they need to be experienced. A softened heart is an experience, a life in Christ is an experience, to be an acceptable living sacrifice is an experience.

Experience it like never before, I cannot help but write small statements rather than cohesive sentences because I revel in his love at this moment. Thoughts are coming thick and fast but few are for general consumption. Zenith praising, nadir worship. praying and praising all the day long.

Our whole lives, even the bit hidden in a box under the bed, given to the Lord, hardened hearts shattered, shards of bitterness and what if’s?  replaced by soft tissue, palpably beating to the rhythm of God, the river of life, wash over me, wash through me, cleanse me of my sin, make me an acceptable sacrifice to You Lord.

Set our minds and our hearts on the Lord, focus on Him and all he does, is doing and will do in us and through us.