remembering the blessing

It begins in Genesis with a bit of a run to Exodus

You wanna see some of the laws in Leviticus

And the way the camp gets sorted in Numbers – divine!

Deuteronomy leads into Joshua, great guy, made mistakes

But those Judges what could I say, so bad

And then when you think what a terrible human race

We get to meet Boaz, Naomi and Ruth – what a girl.


The one twos come next. Samuel, Kings and Chronicles

Amazing stories of bold kings and prophets as you do.

Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther tell their stories next

Which leads up to the guy with the mostest who loses it all


Epic songs and poems with Psalms and wisdom

Oh so very, very wise.

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs

Followed by some goodies

Isaiah and Jeremiah


Stand up those who love a good lament!

Cos Lamentations is next with Ezekiel bringing clouds.

Daniel, those dreams – wow man! What were you on!

But seriously thank you, the imagery is the bomb

Hosea, you gotta do what he says and

You held your head high as you showed us – all means all

Joel, not Billy tells us loads of restoration and blessings

Amos, not Brierley and Obadiah plumb lines and warnings

Jonah – don’t we all be a bit like Jonah running away

The social justice of Micah and the short Nahum

Who would want to live in Ninevah with his vision

Bring us to the H – Z’s

Habbakuk, Zephaniah, Haggai and Zechariah

With Malachi bringing up the rear with tales of judgement,

To restore His people and to bless them all day long.

Love is …


Never did I think one could love me as he does.

Never did I feel worthy,

Never in my worldly world;

This love that changes everything


I had heard of this guy, a good one, you know.

I sprinkled salt on the stories to see if they held true,

I went along to listen to man and woman expound

His words as if they were true


I sat in the corner and spoke not one word,

My smile etched in pain on my face

deterred all onlookers from coming near

Year on year I sat silently with the good folk


Tragedies came and went but they still went on

And on and on

About the good guy who loved them

And they sang loud and waved arms around


The guy never changed, he remained the same

He good, he love, he mercy, he grace

Yeah, I thought, from my quietness

That all very nice for the nice folk


But then one day my heart was strangely warmed

Lightning struck and shards of bitterness flew

Off my chest like bullets from an automatic Uzi

My shoulders forever bent began to straighten


Many times we had sung my chains fell off

For me, without knowing what that meant

But now the bondage marks began to fade

I clawed to hold onto old and new


I couldn’t…

I wouldn’t…

I couldn’t…


He loved me.


Me, who had done more in his enemy’s name,

Than most on the planet

Me, the unwanted, un-needed, unloved one

He, loved me?


It took time; weeks and months went by

I followed him; I heard what was said

With new ears and a newer heart

But years of self-sufficiency were hard to shift.


What did he know of me, and my life?

Revelation day, the day I truly believed

The day I heard he loved me full stop. Period. Dead stop. Screeching halt.

I fell to my knees in awestruck wonder


If he could love one such as I

Then surely I could love it too

I saw the light, received my sight

And I will bless his name forever


No more angst, no more fear

Because I am loved by the almighty one

The alpha and omega has adopted me

How cool is that! How freakin’ awesome


I am no longer the me I used to be

It is no longer me that lives

But Jesus Christ lives in me

And through him I love and am loved


Theories come and go,

Expressions are in fashion for a time

But the timeless one does not change

His language is the same as when it all began


His love came down, expressed in human form

His body died on the cross at Calvary

But as the women cried – “He is risen”

I proclaim with women throughout the age


Our Lord, our King is risen indeed

And he will come once more

And there will be no more sorrow

Only love, only love, only love will remain.


I can…

I will…

I can…

Believe, have faith, trust in –

HE LOVES ME indeed.

Judges today

We are civilised in the West

In Ireland   here

We look back at the Judges

In horror   in shock

That would not happen

In good old Ireland

We have gun toting eight year olds

Terrifying estates

We have girls joining gangs

Going through initiation

The author of Judges

Would orate in detail

What that involves

I ain’t doing that

We are civilised in the West

In Ireland   here

We don’t decapitate our religious opposition

We don’t FGM our girleens

That would not happen

In good old Ireland

A paedo forced to drink peppered p**s

A woman forced due to medical interference

To abort her unborn loved child

An old lady sits in a rocking chair

In a rat infested damp hole of a flat

We are so civilised in the West

In Ireland   here

Aren’t we just?


If any of those people

Aforementioned above

Were to sit at the Cross and confess

Then our gracious Lord would forgive them thus

Because no matter what horror is in the world today

No matter what horror lay before

He, the innocent Prince of Peace lay down

His life on the Cross

The torrent of His blood washes over each

In a flood of forgiveness and redeeming grace.

We can be changed in the West, anywhere

Here in Ireland we can be changed

Transformed by the pure one

The only one fit to judge

We can be changed in the West, anywhere

Here in Ireland we can be changed

adolescent angst

in your house I am different

in your house I am chained

in your house I have no freedom

in your house I feel dead.


out there is freedom

out there is love

out there is life, real living life

out there I will go


but for now don’t ask me

how I am? Life sucks

what I am doing? I’m existing

where I am going? till I’m gone, let me go


tsunami hazard sign reads
go to high ground
get off the beach
what do you do when the tidalwave hits home
out of nowhere doubts and fear arise
resurfacing through counter waves of joy
confusion reigns in the land of Suke
focus, girl, focus
on the one who loves
focus, girl, focus
don’t move your eye off the path
the storm brews in silence
batten down the hatches
keep old nick from the door
let peace descend, fluttering into the chaos
order the thoughts, girl
renew the mind
let the heart fly untethered
all for the greater good.

My sincere thanks to three special ladies that intervened today, and of course the G who arrived just in time.

Father God, thank you for your love that infuses my being and thank you for the love shared today, physically by a hug and a hand on my face and in conversation with two others. Thank you Lord for all the special people in my life, the people you have placed here and I thank you that you take care of me when distracted by doubt. Amen