together {joined forever}

this is dedicated to the person it is about:

I remember when we met

a book thrust into my hands

some time later a phone call

the beginning of a conversation.


nine years later I do remember this:

and all the other times in between

reflecting on how we have both grown

and pruned (severe pruning for me)


amen, a shadow to begin

then needed a year later

a growing respect blossomed

today this is cemented


two years ago you stepped back

allowing training wheels to come off – for a while

but a paradox of emotions from all

meant we were destined to walk

together for a while longer


and yesterday, the prayer, the vision

cast once more upon the water

and today to see you both so hurt

I am so glad I failed last year.


Let us together, go forward

as collaborative dissenters like Peter or Paul

Susanna or John, with aesthetic please

sharing the gospel in spirit and truth.