Three Poems

I was asked earlier this year to consider entering a poetry competition. I don’t ever do this but I had some spare time so churned out two new ones which are so obviously in their raw format and one I had been sitting on all year. I did not win {doh!} but now the event is over I can publish here.


She sat behind closed curtains

Staring at nothing

The light gone from her eyes

The chin candle no longer used.


She waited for death

A relief of sorts

No longer active

No longer cared.


Her life had been long

With many twists and turns

The good bad and ugly

Rolled into one.


No longer concerned with

Life outside the window

Only the magnitude of her naval

Pursued her to her bitter end.




It was more than a statistic

the empty truck on the side of the road

it was a testament and last will

An epitaph to man’s greed.


But the newspapers honed in

the sixth truck found this year

slight mention of tragic death occurring

but the “Sixth” struck a chord, in me.


The other five, what happened

to those desperate survivors –

sent back home or

refuged in a most inappropriate way?


It was the photo, slightly out of focus

in the corner by the open door –

a mangled Tonka digger

Like my son would often drive.


People, real people with

blood and breath and skin

were hidden and suffocated in

the truck by the side of the road.


A real child, with real hope:

for a better life, green hills, milk, and honey

expired their last breath

in the white truck, now abandoned, on the road to Ballina




He liked the feel of nylon sheets

And lacy satin briefs

He resented them on his wife’s body

It had to be his skin and his motifs.


He tried through life to be

Inoffensive and remained incomplete

He didn’t know how to love his wife

Once initial passion was replete.


No soul was ever told of his slinky longings

The shame would have all but killed him

So he lived with his guilty secret

Long past his wife’s last swim.


But one snowy rural night

This pillar of community reposed

On the kitchen floor by an upturned chair

wreathed in rose pink lips, his life foreclosed.