The stone of my childhood

Limestone, sandstone


Were held in a wire wall

I wanted to set it free

And let it fall wherever it fell

But I didn’t

I took a snapshot of the wall

And thought about back then

Being contained in something 

That was not normal or wanted.

Julia was contained in Toby’s body

I am sure she didn’t wish

But lived a life of torment

Unable to break free

She was contained in fleshly prison

Much like the stones in this wall

Unnaturally held in stasis

Eighty four years later 

Julia shared her news

Like a surprise party that

No one turns up to

Or arrives later than the guest of honour

It all fell a little flat

Not shocking or disturbing

Poor Julia surprised herself

Oh wall of stones

Hail down like a downpour from heaven

Shake us up

wake us up 

Don’t be contained in a man made prison

Be set free

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