Red letter day

A day that is red – lettered is



A day that is lettered in red is



A day to be treasured

To gathered up and pondered on


In my life red letters have a different meaning

Midnight flits

Hiding behind the couch

Till the rent man departs

Buying on tick again and again

Existing on less and less


I entered a time of jubilee

Where no debt was held

And no debtors were found

I live in that space.


I live in a space where my bills are paid

So grateful for all I receive

Food on the table

And a roof over head

Never did I think I would see

A red letter once more.


The postie delivered one today

it sits on the mantle waiting

for conversation of redness

round and round the merry-go-round

and wonder will we need

to flit once more?