Dublin {walking}

I would love to stride through Dublin

With long limber sun drenched legs

My fat, pudgy thighs can only dream

As we chug along Westmoreland Street

Puffing, panting, straining unused muscles
I would love to ride through Kerry

With finely tuned pushbike and finely tuned bod

My sinews and tendons ache at the thought

As we get off and walk up Carker hill

Puffing, panting, straining unused muscles
I would love to swim Lake Windermere

Carving up the water, single minded on the goal

My short chubby arms instead salute

The international sign for “I give up”

And take in water with one breadth of the pool
Oh the dreams I had when younger

When I was well able for any task

But shadow self did not allow

And now age gets in the way.

A long time…

A long time ago I could see

I could see individual blades of grass

I could see the tiniest print

And faces crisp and clear
Today my glasses broke

And all is a blurry mist

Green smudges – is that grass

And a smudges smile, friend
As for print: reading books

I miss the smell the most

Even words within my mouth

Are uttered with less verve
At this point I need glasses all the time

To stop driving in ditches

To help me find my friends

Without them saying – I have no shame.