Late {honey}

Gosh you’re late, hun,

I wonder where you are?

You left work four hours ago,

I am curious as to what you’re at.


If it was the first time

Or even the fifth or sixth

My mind would not be wandering

But fixed on missing you, alone.


Blonde hair on your jacket shoulder

Long and fine through bleach

Oh gosh I wish I’d not seen

And sit here quietly and wait.


but No, you had to do it

you had to break those vows

you must see how it is looking

not just looks but feels and hears.


Four hours though love

That’s pushing it – even for you

Wringing of hands, frowning

Fretting and weeping – for what!


In my mind she’s more

More than I could ever be

The sum total of all those girls

The long line who went before


This one is different I can feel it

Our home no longer safe

The portrait testaments on the wall

No longer barricade us in


Perfect smiles, tall strong backs

The children smiling wider

showing perfect teeth

They no longer pull you in


O husband, o husband

Where are you tonight?

The kids in their slumber

The dog asleep by the fire.


The door bell takes me out of my misery

Who could be calling so late

The blue flashing lights

The kind look on their faces


A new misery, not one of despair

I can rise above their insinuations

Ignoring assignation allusions

I am the grieving widow who can rebuild.