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Half way through this devotional is the perfect time to write half of the review. This book is perfect for American sports fans, there are plenty of football analogies and general sport examples. It is half time and I have to say that there are some good biblical principals written here but unfortunately for me I am not a sports fan and I do not have small children and animals. This leaves me at the disadvantage of reading “cutesy” stories or stories of heroics on the football field because I have no context. ““Jesus is Beast Mode,” is an example. Do I want to think of Jesus as beast, or in that mode? So is this book for someone like me?

However there is helpful writing here:

“We analyze our feelings, we weigh our behavior, we read into our circumstances, we employ our intellect and logic—all in an effort to discover what the Bible already told us, if we would just believe it: God loves us.”

Moving on to the second half:

The analogies became more useful or maybe I got more used to them. I spoke to a couple of mates and they totally got the analogies and translated them into my understanding.

It was reading day 26 that I had my epiphany moment. Oh I so knew what he was talking about. I can walk for days with a pebble in my shoe but then suddenly I need to take it out. We can cope with an irritation for so long. He says ““Finally you can’t take it anymore. You take twelve seconds out of your life to remove the rock. Then you slide your shoe back on and stand up. Inside, you brace yourself in case nothing has changed. But the rock is gone, and the feeling of relief is palpable. It’s massive. It’s like you got a new lease on life. You wonder, Why didn’t I stop to take that out hours ago?” Or in my case days ago.

I loved the reflection questions and it all made sense and was useful. By having a pebble in my shoe I was distracted from my walking, I put off the dog walking activity etc. So in my walk with God what were the distractions or “pebbles” that kept me from total focus.

I began to read with more verve and section four was amazing. I absolutely got into it and my mates were on standby to help with the sporty bits. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to dive into the Godpool more.

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  1. Thanks for posting the review today, Suzie. You know I read everything you write, so I read this, too. It doesn’t sound like something I’d like, for the very reasons you stated in the beginning (and I don’t have anyone here but my son to ask about the sports analogies). I’m reading a couple of Christian books right now, but they’re not for review. Maybe I should try to a site other than Library Thing, to try to get some free books to review; I get the “early review” email notice from them every month, but I’ve not been sent anything yet. I did get myself a Kindle reader a couple of months ago, so I can download some free ebooks on that now, too.

    Keep up the good work — I enjoy all of it, even the book reviews!

    1. Hey Charliegirl, you got your wordpress back. Good on you. Try booklookbloggers, there are more as well. David C cook gives a free one every month for no review,
      Your old house is getting a makeover – it is looking fly!

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