red spot

the spot on the carpet

focused my eyes

a red smudge… lipstick, blood, Heinz tomato soup?

on beige shagpile.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure

Pressure on my head

force on my heart…

apostolic intrepidity coursing through my veins

before, prevenient, pre anything.

{look up, look up, look up}

resolute missionary

dauntless explorer

one nerve hitting another

in domino effect.

Red spot on beige, the name of an art piece

{look up, look up, look up}

eyes lifted

hand raised

heart weirdly warmed

mind transformed

Soul forever His

Tim or Ruby or Tina

Who will I meet today?

Who in my small world?

I prayerfully consider:

Who is my Tim, my Ruby?

I have my Tina girl.

{look up, look up, look up}

Father, Father,

Help me please


an intrepid explorer

in my own back yard

Give me strength, give me courage

Fill me with that enduring love

and most of all

abide with me this day.

{look up, look up, look up}