The guy… Died

it was in the news, it made history

For two whole days… He died on a step

On a winter’s night
He cried out to the wind, he sobbed to the snow

He dreamt of an open turf fire

Dark forces of frost crinkled, crunched

Freezing veins freezing heart

One cell at a time
Winter covers its own mistakes

Snow falls to hide blood shed

Ice forms on damp cardboard

A coffin floating in slush
Can you remember his name?

Six months gone by

His face? His name Cloture?

A specimen of austerity?

Tatiana leaves – Stage left

espresso sipped in stone mountain village

Pigeons eke out a meal from crumbs scattered

a cool breeze moves Tatisna’s locks

But nothing, I say nothing, will move her heart
Stone lady said goodbye, not au revoir but final.

She drank red Moretti from the jar as red

lips culled my heart.

Cool jazz turned to bitter blues

Air dried tears… Is this what prosciutto does

As the love life left my inert frame
She left my morose thoughts, turning the corner 

Espresso gone, samba a molinari takes its place

L’amore broken in San Gimignano

Tourists flock around eking a bargain

Taking home high priced items

I take home a stone heart.

My Friend

a gust of wind ripped through my head

And you appeared

A homeless guy was eying a bin

And I thought of you today
where are you, my friend?

Is a roof protecting you?

would you fight this guy, like so long ago?

I thought of you, today
We scuffled over half eaten burgers

Hoarded newspaper to fill the gaps

in benches and filled our boots with plastic bags

I shivered as I thought of you, today

Gleeful Singing

there was a real live glee club in the restaurant last night. They filled the room with a neck tingling Irish Blessing to the tune of Be Thou My Vision, one guy sang Old Man River and they all sang a spiritual about a cabin and keeping the dark times away. The majority were clean cut, clean shaven American student stereotypes with a few that were different, but a nicer bunch of lads in one room… We all were surprised at their genial behaviour. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has a great glee club.

We are an eclectic bunch of folk, Grace Baptist & KMC represented, the others come from all over Ireland. I got asked was I Polish or Lithuanian by a Ukrainian. Much to the delight of Ritchie Rich, a young guy travelling on his own who nailed my accent within 20 miles. The Cork contingent are thus far reticent to share but the Dubs have joined the Kingdom contingent and are not scared of our God talk.

Ah the beautiful Camille… We met in the bag drop queue and I suggested she move because we always had to wait the longest, wherever we were. We chatted a little. On the plane a young woman and baby were moved from beside me and Camille appeared in their place. We talked non-stop to Pisa and this included a long wait due to a computer malfunction. A lovely, bubbly Italian/ French girl with an Irish boyfriend called Danny. So sweet. She has me convinced to visit Tokyo so frugality will reign to do that.

Back home there are no burst blood vessels and gifts are being shipped, I am slowing down to a standstill and just as Ross takes a nap I find myself breathing a little slower perhaps even in time with the Creator.

Be still and know that I am God

There is no noise in this city of sulphur, the quiet in my heart mirrors the silence of the streets. I sit and count my blessings, resting in His arm.

learning {being still} daily

April was a busy month and I didn’t get done everything on my “To Do List.” Over and over again I ended up staring at walls, out of windows, standing in my garden, kneeling in my kitchen and just being still.

So the poster is half finished, the prep work is three-quarters done, the kitchen didn’t get that clean I promised and yet I continue to be still.

There was an amount of distraction and having so many unfinished projects did cause me to sit and ponder which to do first and the pros and cons of each one. But the over-riding thought above all others was the wonderful, beautiful peace I sat in. I garnered these moments jealously, I selfishly found more and more of these moments.

And now it is May, the month of the vacation, and I am leaving for Florence with much undone and it feels okay. Before I go there is much busyness and as soon as I get back there is more busyness but it is okay.

Because being still, taking time to be with the Lord, to commune with my living God, is far more important than deadlines, than “To Do Lists,” than doing church. I have been to some amazing places and had wonderful conversations in April and I wouldn’t change any of it. I am healthier than I have been for some time because of them and the physical exercise.

Oh I have just had a blessed month, don’t get me wrong I had days of struggle, one week in particular stands out but in it all was God. As I had to get my head around doing and being His way, when my old way of thinking and living was shouting, “NOT FAIR.” He is in control, and I was brought low to realise that, I can’t start a new way of reading His word, just to suit my life story. It isn’t about me, it is about how my story can glorify His name.

I head out into next week to days of walking ten or more miles in lovely warm Italy, I have no expectations for the vacation I will just enjoy whatever comes, I might even get back into writing regularly.