Well let me tell you (finally I hear you say…)
I do believe that I have been called to itinerant ordained ministry. So in my heart that means following God’s will however, whenever, wherever that is within the Methodist Church, for now I would say in Ireland.
The gifts given by the Spirit to enable me me to do this with equipping grace are:
Serving by the demonstration of love in very real and practical terms and gathering people together to serve together both to do something practical but also to build each other up too.
Preaching to encourage and/ or challenge a group of people who are at all different places in their own faith journey. Encouraging them to grow by discipline and by example.
Teaching… Not just leading small groups in bible study but also helping people be equipped to do that for themselves. God’s truth is indestructible so we need good teachers who are willing and able to lead small groups in discipleship.
Organising and administration… I am not called to be a manager, it is not exciting or life changing but it is necessary for chaos to be averted, so it is needed and thankfully I am administratively blessed and am suitably organised. The leadership style that seems to be developing is somewhere between democratic and collaborative, with built in safety net.
Being known as Little Miss Frugal I naturally look after resources so church life is just an extension of this.
My other title is Wounded Healer, so I have been equipped in my healing to show compassion and love is I have been given by God… Responding to the hurting and hurt, helping the church body grow and remain healthy.
The greatest command Love the Lord…. And love your neighbour…. Is the bottom line, it is in the fruit of Spirit, in the way our lives are lived that some people get to know Jesus for the first time.

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