Sermon 17~~~{The Circumcision of the Heart}

“Circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter.”

Romans 2:29

I am listening to a guy in America preach about tithing and how we do that. Is it 10%, are we ticking the box or is it a budgeted amount that we can afford. Is it worship?

The way we are in every aspect of our lives proves that our hearts have been circumsized. So we give to the utmost, we love to the utmost, we show mercy to the utmost, and why?

Because it is not about following the law it is about living under grace. In gratitude, with a thankful heart our lives are given over to Him. It is not about our selfish desires it is about being turned inside out, emptied out, not in the expectation of being filled up or that we will be turned backwise right.

Wesley points out this is not some new fangled doctrine, he hasn’t plucked it out of the air; this is the word of God, it is written about by Paul and it is a part of our root faith. Interestingly he was preaching of the conviction of the Spirit before his strange warming of his own heart. Thus proving in prevenient grace we can be changed little by little until that dramatic moment of baptism by the Holy Spirit.

Oh I just love Wesley’s sermons, they speak to me now as if he were in the room. I know I can’t do justice to his rhetoric in the recordings but I felt compelled to try – to lift the words off the page and make them three dimensional once more. Can’t wait to meet him…