Sermon 13 ~~~On Sin in Believers

This is one of those sermons that gives you an “a ha” moment. Like we pray all the time asking for forgiveness in general terms, going back to Adam and original sin. We say we are a bunch of sinners but when we say it, are we really saying:

“Well you lot might have done something wrong this week, but me, well I am living above reproach. There is nothing in my life that is sinful.”

And why do we think like that >>> Because we have been baptised by the Holy Spirit, we are free from the chains of sin. So sin isn’t in our life, is it?

Wesley nails this, absolutely. Yes there is sin in our life, we get frustrated at being in the wrong queue in the Post Office yet again as people sail in ‘counter number 1’ but we are in ‘counter number 2’ queue and the guy two in front not only has a humongous parcel for Outer Mongolia and needs a receipt in triplicate and did we mention it is “FRAGILE” and the toddler with the woman behind him is taking all the cards out of the display and stamping on them whilst mother, blissfully unaware is on the phone getting the latest goss. The man in front of us is coughing and sneezing like he should be in bed, rather than spreading germs and does he have to turn around every time and apolgise with candles of snot hanging from his nose as spittle leaves his mouth in a trajectory course for our face and we smile sweetly as we notice “Outer Mongolia” man is paying in coin, not even silver but copper, 1,2,3. Of course we get frustrated and angry.

For that moment.

That is the difference, here. That is the difference, we are angry for a moment and then we ask the Lord to take that thought captive and free us from it.

We are not seeped in sin, but we do sin. If we were seeped in sin, we might take out our wee .22 and lose the queue entirely or when it is our turn at the counter we might attack verbally the counter assistant, who is entirely blameless.

Now there’s a point. Someone, totally blameless getting in the neck because we are having a hard time.

Someone, totally blameless, died in excruciating agony so we might live, so we might be free from the chains of sin.

What a Saviour!