Sermon 10 ~~~Discourse I {THE WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT}

Sermon 10
Discourse I
“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”
Rom. 8:16

We have a spirit within us and in this discussion Wesley points out that even the most enthusiastic of church goers may have the Spirit of God and their own spirit contrived into an unhealthy relationship.

How so?

I think this is what we now call lining God’s will up with our own rather than the other way round. When we get convinced that a certain course of action is “right” no matter what the obstacles in our path and we just plough straight through, hurtling hurt & offended people to the side.

In my own life, I struggled with “is it of God” or “is it of me,” and I was concerned by barriers but I believe I was creating the barriers or they came from within rather than someone standing in front of me and saying “Desist.”

I have done no hurtling through regardless and have been ever mindful of people who may not entirely agree with the path I am trying to take. Tuesday night I gave a eulogy and read scripture for the Mass in the village. Two people who knew the path said they wanted to pop over to Killarney to hear me preach and the person in charge of readers in the RC church wanted me on their list. Another with a prophetic ministry told me it wouldn’t be the last time I would be on that particular altar.

In one particular area I had a very clear vision of how a project could run successfully but the people involved from the beginning had a different view. In the last three months I have been working towards bringing people along with a shared vision. There were a few setbacks last week and I thought it was going to blow up, not just the project but it insidiously blow apart the congregation. I felt like I was just putting plasters over open oozing wounds and they would pop apart at any moment.

I prayed about it, I let the whole thing, the relationships, the personalities, their spirits and mine. I asked for help in how to lose the project without anyone losing face bar me, so that no impact on the congregation could be determined and that life would continue as before. I got the message of reconciliation and peace with less words. There was more, and more to come from other sources that enabled me to think about rerdrafting, renewing, starting again, regrouping, not stopping but changing the way we did it. Today I got more of a message about messages being received, heard and a recommitment.

What could have ended up with a whole bunch of people “doing their own thing” has resulted in a team being born, still in early infancy with teething problems but the man-made obstacles are gone and I truly believe this group could do mighty things with the Lord and there be much Kingdom growth in the Kingdom.

Wesley tells us to examine & discern over and over that we may truly be children of God led by the Spirit and not going our own way. Sometimes our will and God’s is on target, going in the same direction, but often we take a side road. Pray without ceasing that the Lord and His Spirit will guide us to keep on the right path.

and let all thy thoughts, words, and works be a spiritual sacrifice, holy, acceptable to
God through Christ Jesus! [Rom. 12:1, 2]