Sermon 9 ~~~ The Spirit of Bondage and of Adoption

Wesley describes three distinct ways of living: natural man, under the law and under grace and describes them in detail and the movement from one to the other. What is refreshing is the admission that we could be all three in different areas of our life. But it is the examination of where we are at that there is pruning and there is growth. The Spirit helps us by convicting us when we are going awry, or indeed if we are not aware of an area of our life that needs attention.

John Wesley got lots of criticism for how he conducted his private life, and as we know, no one is perfect and he did work very long hours so it is likely he didn’t get an A+ personally. But then would any of us.

The community I live in came out on Tuesday to support Sean, me and the kids. It was very beautiful to see our work colleagues old and new, neighbours of eighteen years and friends that we used to meet at the school gates, and all the other people we both knew. It was a lovely service and a time for our family to stand together, united with our friends and neighbours.

It made me think of how both Sean and I have fallen short in our family duties, not in the caring and nurturing but in the just taking time to be with each other relaxing. We are so busy with work for Sean and caring for the two that need it for me and all the voluntary work we both do. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and we have been just checking in, averting disaster. So my next project is try to extend our time together and how to do it sensitively for everyone.

John Wesley preached a long time ago from scriptures a lot older again but they speak to us today as fresh as they day they were penned.

O Lord

thank you for family, thank you for community, thank you for the prickly people in our lives, thank you for everything, especially today for the conviction of the Spirit with regard to time.