The bowl in response to {the first fruits of the Spirit}

I’m talking about a bowl, not a bowel

and the stuff what is in it.

I don’t have great English

or a thesaurus therein

When fruit leaves a tree

and travels far and wide

landing in my bowl

it slowly rots

For the fruit of the tree

to continue to be of use

they need to stay in said tree

don’t pick this one or that

and let it die

Embrace the love of God

entirely, wholeheartedly


The fruit of the Spirit

are not hung on the apple tree

they can’t be dug up or

picked off a bush

The evidence of fruit

is our lives

given over



complete – ish

But don’t beat up

yourself in a corner

for that one time the rage


instead talk to God

explain where you were wrong

no excuses no reasons

just as it was
just as it is
sinner, unworthy, me

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