response to J by F

vile creature, miserable wretch

turn, turn, turn

deserving of wrath and anger,

of the fiery bowels

turn, turn, turn

tell it out

tell it out from your soul

empty your carbonised heart

not with pride or arrogance

but as humble as the worm

slinking through the loam

have you turned yet?

what’s to come? you ask

freedom, worm, freedom

chains are broken

hearts fly free


without operation

salvation and faith

and a whole gamut of fruit

all free gifts from the one who loves

the one who loves first

loves you


Sermon Five ~~ Justification by Faith

Have you ever been racked with guilt and shame that your bones ached? The guy that wrote Psalm 32 knows all about it. His bones were wasting away and his strength was being sapped out of him. He was in a really bad place. Do you relate?

Imagine being told that all you had to do was turn to Jesus, confess and repent and all (YES ALL) would be forgiven, that the past would never be revisited (although there may be consequences) and it would never be brought up again.

When I sit down to dinner with certain people, that is all they want to do, rake up the past, bring every last unpalatable morsel to the table and wonder why I have no appetite.

Because of Je–sus. There is no condemnation. We are justified freely by his
grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ. Notice the words:

FREELY              GRACE                              REDEMPTION


Freely justified

Free grace

Free redemption

Follower of Jesus for free.

Justified means pardoned, there is no community service, no sentence – deferred or otherwise. There is freedom and it is free.

When we choose to be followers of Jesus we are pardoned from all sin. He shows his mercy and we accept forgiveness…

And then the real work begins … santification, being made righteous over time (lots and lots of it)

Having been physically ill from guilt is a powerful thing, not in itself, but when the guilt is gone, lifted, to be seen no more, the freedom is mighty.

Love is the Sweetest Thing

Tell me You love me

Tell me it’s true

Tell me with rainbows

That make my heart sing

Tell me You love me

Tell me it’s true

That one such as me

Is loved by You

Faith moves mountains

You’ve moved many for me

Faith is believing

The unseen is here

Oh lord I believe

I believe You are here

I believe You are with me

And You love me so dear

Tell me You love me

Tell me it’s true

Tell me with moonbows

Whisper it sweetly

As the wind on my ear

Oh Lord I have hope

I have in the Christ

I have hope in tomorrow

I live for today

Oh tell me tomorrow

As You tell me today

As you told me before

Of the deepest love

Oh You loved the world

So much that You

Sent your son Jesus

To die for me

And if I have chosen

And indeed I do choose

To follow you dearly

To follow You true

And then I am cleaved

I’m attached to You Lord

And I will not perish

Because You died for me

Tell me You love me

Tell me it’s true

Tell me in rainbows

That God loves me too.