trouble @ mill

Diane went against society and married out of her class.

Jimmybob was delighted with his child bride, a wee posh lass

Mr Prentice watched the sea through european dune grass

Whilst Mrs P smashed the vase of Venetian glass

Happy families, happy families, hey ho

They shortened their names to Jim and Di

And she learned to cook steak and kidney pie

Mr P continued to walk by the sea and spy

Whilst Mrs P was barely getting by

Happy families, happy families, hey ho

Jim got a job went into scientific research

Di took work in the parish church

Mr P found an interest in silver birch

And Mrs P began a campaign to besmirch

Happy families, happy families, hey ho

Mr P in the Mill continued to spin the yarn

Di was pregnant cooking chilli con carne

Jim was meeting Sylvie in the tithe barn

But Mrs P’s friend saw them – darn

Happy families, Happy families, hey ho

Di moved unhappily home

Jim got himself in more and more loam

Mr P at the Mill polished all the chrome

And Mrs P she drizzled a rose water foam

Happy family, happy family, hey ho