Sermon One ~~~ Salvation by Faith

The words written and spoken over two hundred years ago are as fresh today as back then. My favourite line has to be “and being saved from guilt they are saved from fear.” In the Bible it says ‘Do Not Fear’ 365 times, that one time for each day of the year. So how come there is so much fear in the world, in our country, in our churches?

Having trust in the Lord, having assurance and having faith allows us to joyfully sing, joyfully praise the Lord no matter what the trial. And wow don’t we have some trials!

One of those special people in my life has the balance of faith and good works right in their life. It is from the root of faith that good works spring forth, not in our own strength but in the Lord’s strength. When we think of those special people, we see faith in action.

The faith that saves us by the grace of God. We don’t deserve to be saved because we are full of sin, but when we turn to the Lord and confess & surrender our lives to Him, we are saved. Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

Getting started

I read the preface to the first series of fifty three discourses and it was like meeting an old friend. I remember when John Wesley’s words seemed like a foreign language and how over time his words not only became readable but it opened up his words for me.

Often this is the same with Bible passages, we can understand the context and baackground and we may be able to relate to how the hearers heard it but what is the application in our lives and we are stumped. Later we come back to it and the words open the door of understanding.

I am really excited about this project, there are teething problems with the audio app. How much more would Wesley have captured if he had an app to record his every thought?

So roll on, Wesley I am all ears