unwitting triangles

This is deliberately obscure, read it all and use some lateral thinking and you may understand why!

If there was an observer with no interest in gaining anything from party A and part B, does triangulation still apply?

party A ≤ ≈ ≠ ≥ party B

depending on the subject matter

in God’s eyes:

party A = party B

there is a mediator in the relationship of party A with God and with party B with God. The mediator is Christ.

But what if party A and party B are not aware of God’s love and therefore base all relational interactions in terms of self.

Relations break down regularly because there is no sound foundation to the relationship and the use of projection in the disatisfied state is put on party C.

What if there are more relationships, A with D, A with E, A with F, all unsatisfactory, all projected in some way onto party C.

What happens to party C? curl up and die? Remove themselves? Find a different way?

What if party A is so powerful that the whole of the kingdom believes in their power, believes in the myth created so that only party C can see the man behind the wizard in oz.

What if party C tries to tell the people of the kingdom that party A is just a person, has no superhuman powers, is just human like the other parties?

If you were party B or D what would you do? Believe the usurper? Believe they are seeking the power for themselves? Or use said information to further their position in party A’s eyes?

My question though is none of these, my question is should party C hope? Not in the Christian sense of hope but in the human kind “I hope it is fine tomorrow”,

The concept of triangulation involves a mediator who is given information from one party that is intended to be delivered to another via another party. A triangulated child between two parents can exhibit the following acting out according to wikipedia:

Common examples of the ways triangulated children act out include: drug addiction, eating disorders, chronic shoplifting, vandalism, cutting (ritual and habitual superficial slicing of the epidermis), excessive piercing, tattooing or other forms of self-mutilation, violence, academic problems, truancy, or any combination of the above.


Not much I can add to this list except smiling extremely wryly

What if there are multiple triangles?

What if there are multiple triangles, with a pivotal force in one angle and the objective outsider in another?

This perfectly shows how the multiple triangles interact. Because all parties are familial members or friends of all/some/one of the parties then they are all connected in some way, not just party A, party C and one other. This image further shows the eternal nature of the relationships and that without changing the course of the way all the parties interact nothing will change.

This necklace has a weak point, it is based on a snake design, it is possible to remove one small piece and the whole thing will fall apart. So I propose that party C stops being an outsider either by removing themselves completely from the interactions or learning a way of not getting involved in a triangle situation:

For example, “You are telling me what B should do. Tell them not me” How scary is that!

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