unlike Erebus you have no smoke and fire bursting through the snow

majestic queen   earth mother holding shoulders high

solitude for millennia

head lay naked, glittering in the sun

not one creature attempted to woo Sagarmatha,

not even omni super tease

angry temper killed little Hannelore,

parade the Norgay as prime.

and at your skirts, the fish net stocking trails murder mayhem and sex

an orgy of revellers thrust themselves up to reach your orgasmic peak

each one thinks better   faster than the rest, morals lie in crevices

a crescendo of snow, an avalanche of glittering spires

Jongmalunga, Kum By Yah, Hiawatha spirit slave, dream flew aloft

Saint Mother isolated supreme hurtles wind at mask like insects

Goddess Mother of the Snows, Mother of the Universe

we bow down, gracious in your mercy, reaching ultimate goal

once more the insects traverse back down glorying in your name.