rhubarb stalks

stretch ever upward

poison to my soul


willow bare

raindrops ponder

fall to earth


bird’s chatter

sweetly sing me

safe in tree


dark cloud descends

raindrops follow

wet walk in mud


bitter wind

crushes my hope

spring gone again


hermetically sealed

from nature through

glass we see


elephant grass fibrillates

wafts purposelessly

view yet inhibits


cloud shape

eagle lands wide

sprawls wings royally


roof subsiding

tree growing

nature returns it all to earth


spring cherry blossom

pink clouds

float in puddles


black turf melts in fire

gran ponders

ashes and dust all


autumn leaves –

black in spring

in flurries caught in drains


rocking chair cat

white as snow

clouds pass unnoticed


resounding breeze

ruffles cat

black against dark sky


hair whips eyes

wind rustles trees

birds take flight


touches raindrops

cold on skin

dark sky by night


daffodils bend

snow drifts across

smells cleanly cold


cockerel crows

dawn breaks through

spring’s happy day


blossom bright sunshine

chickens peck worms

breeze gently passes


birdsong sweet

child snags coat

birds take flight


evening sun coats sky

yellow orange red

cold descends bright fire