Muddie in two stories

Story 1

Muddie starts school today

Muddie is not happy

Muddie walks through the field

Tick tock tick tock

Muddie is scared

Muddie sniffs the Dandelion clock

It tickles It tockles

A a a Atishoo

The dandelion clock is no more

Muddie hears buzzing

Muddie is scared

Muddie trips over

And frightens the bees away

Brave Muddie bounds through the field

And gets to school

Story 2

“Muddie!” Mummy Honey shouted. “Time for cat’s lick lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie was hiding.

Muddie did not like washing his paws.

Muddie crept out of the barn.

Under the gate,

into the field.

His paws were getting dirty,

Muddie was having fun.

“Muddie!” Daddy Pepperpot shouted. “Time for mouse catching lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie was behind the tree

Muddie did not like catching mice

Muddie climbed up the tree

Trying to catch butterflies

He went up and up and up

Muddie was having fun

“Muddie!” Nana Tippy Toes shouted. “Time for cream drinking lessons! Where are you?”

Muddie tried to get down

Muddie was stuck

“Help! Help! Nana I’m stuck. Please help me!” Muddie shouted as loud as he could.

Mummy Honey, Daddy Pepperpot and Nana Tippy Toes rushed to find Muddie

“Oh Muddie! What are you doing up there?” They all exclaimed

“ I don’t like washing and hunting so I chased butterflies and got stuck, I’m sorry.”

“But you must learn how to wash and how to hunt, you are a cat.

Only then can you learn how to drink cream, Mummy Honey said

Daddy Pepperpot climbed up and brought Muddie down.

Nana Tippy Toes scolded Muddie.

Muddie learned that cats must wash and hunt and then

He could be the cat that got the cream

train of thought

In olden times when trains were slower

a plume of smoke filled the air

wheels turned at a rate of iambic pent.. meter

and poets sat in carriages pipe or pen in hand

rhythmic duh dums filled the body helping poetic charge

and epic tomes of railway journeys

created whilst travelling the land


try writing on today’s trains with the warp speed

finding a table facing premium forward aft

full of beer cans and half eaten buns

children encouraged instead of left at home

youths so black in clothes and spirit


the man behind crunching thru salted crisps

the young boy playing loud war games with his shadow

the girl in front her cleavage    beguiling

is the closest to any meter you’ll find

no there will be no bestseller written today


rhubarb stalks

stretch ever upward

poison to my soul


willow bare

raindrops ponder

fall to earth


bird’s chatter

sweetly sing me

safe in tree


dark cloud descends

raindrops follow

wet walk in mud


bitter wind

crushes my hope

spring gone again


hermetically sealed

from nature through

glass we see


elephant grass fibrillates

wafts purposelessly

view yet inhibits


cloud shape

eagle lands wide

sprawls wings royally


roof subsiding

tree growing

nature returns it all to earth


spring cherry blossom

pink clouds

float in puddles


black turf melts in fire

gran ponders

ashes and dust all


autumn leaves –

black in spring

in flurries caught in drains


rocking chair cat

white as snow

clouds pass unnoticed


resounding breeze

ruffles cat

black against dark sky


hair whips eyes

wind rustles trees

birds take flight


touches raindrops

cold on skin

dark sky by night


daffodils bend

snow drifts across

smells cleanly cold


cockerel crows

dawn breaks through

spring’s happy day


blossom bright sunshine

chickens peck worms

breeze gently passes


birdsong sweet

child snags coat

birds take flight


evening sun coats sky

yellow orange red

cold descends bright fire


the assault on my senses;

wake up wasabi

cringe    pickled ginger

so salty soy sauce

crunch    cucumber

slime     seaweed

stickiness of rice

smoothness of fish

that is sushi


the assault on my body;

tense   hearing him

furtive footsteps

look up      late

huge hairy hands

pull into bushes

ripping    clothes

grabbing    parts

that is rape


the assault on my mind;

covertly crying

gathering rags

running     home

calling out   “nothing wrong”

running    bath

“just need time    alone”

this is cover up


the assault on my life;

I allowed sushi in

like a man it took over my senses

I can no longer taste

semolina or porridge

I allowed that man power

like sushi he took over

I no longer abide

and abhor all men


unlike Erebus you have no smoke and fire bursting through the snow

majestic queen   earth mother holding shoulders high

solitude for millennia

head lay naked, glittering in the sun

not one creature attempted to woo Sagarmatha,

not even omni super tease

angry temper killed little Hannelore,

parade the Norgay as prime.

and at your skirts, the fish net stocking trails murder mayhem and sex

an orgy of revellers thrust themselves up to reach your orgasmic peak

each one thinks better   faster than the rest, morals lie in crevices

a crescendo of snow, an avalanche of glittering spires

Jongmalunga, Kum By Yah, Hiawatha spirit slave, dream flew aloft

Saint Mother isolated supreme hurtles wind at mask like insects

Goddess Mother of the Snows, Mother of the Universe

we bow down, gracious in your mercy, reaching ultimate goal

once more the insects traverse back down glorying in your name.