Fierce but not so proud

I write about the stuff going on in my life, in my family’s life and general comment. Occasionally I just get an urge to splurge poetically. I met a guy called Skuse yesterday and immediately started rhyming it with excuse. I had to stop because I was laughing too much.
Hoping that I can get a bunch of kids enthused over a play (short ten mins max) on Sunday based around a secular version of We want to see…
Thinking of advent and wondering who put the ure at the end.
Because when we delve into advent devotionally we are on an adventure, drawing closer to our King, the Light of the World, who shines like a beacon in the darkness of our messed up world.
I feel on fire thinking of the expedition, preparation is key and I am getting all my materials together. What do you have around you when you spend time with The Lord?
I need to meditate so I have a colouring book, there is nothing like some colouring in to free the mind. My canvas is ready, the background is dry so it waiting for inspiration. Bible obviously, I am using the paraphrased The Voice and king James versions. Loads of paper and everything I need to make joyful noises. Finally I have the space. I have a place now where it is quiet, silent and quite warm (for my house nine degrees) and I will be on the floor, grounded.
So all prepared, just waiting for the first delivery.
It all came together today, everything is absolutely perfectly dovetailing. I know will continue to let the old “me” take over every now and then but I am ready to go, to stay to do whatever is needed.
I am jumping up and down in joy the heeby jeebies have been banished and I just want to do and be acceptable to God.

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