Sermon Thirty Six Wandering thoughts

john                                                       audio clip

Well this one was written for me without a shadow of a doubt. My mind wanders all the time. Even whilst I was recording this sermon and putting effort into the pace and tone I was thinking of other things.

To me they are the distractions that stop us from being fully focused on Kingdom work and the King. So for me as I write this, or the reading, or the recording, it is the things that stop me from achieving the end.

Today has been a really tough day. On paper I was gifted an entire day from 8:50am to 7:45pm to study and get many sermons done however my blue legs began to itch so I took an antihistamine on an empty belly and I might as well of passed out because I missed four hours, not sure where they went.

I don’t think of these distractions as things of the devil. It is usually something I do or read reminds me of something else and I go following that rabbit into the warren. If we imagine thoughts as bubbles, when we are focused on God each bubble that collides with another makes a bigger bubble. So we could have seen a passage of scripture many times but suddenly it makes sense in another way that we hadn’t thought of before. This association of ideas and sometimes that is where new imaginative ways of doing things or saying things can come up.

Now if these wandering thoughts took us into sinful thought that is entirely different and should be avoided. I have a friend who gave me a very simple cure because he knew I struggled in one area and it really does work. I like JB Philips paraphrasing of the verse 2 Corinthians 10:5 –

We even fight to capture every thought

until it acknowledges the authority of Christ.

So my friend says physically reach up to your forehead and imagine capturing the thought and asking Christ to imprison it. So as soon as the mere hint of it starts I give to the Lord to take care of.

In this world there are so many distractions, so many things to take us away from our focus. But no one said it would be easy and so as long as we are moving forward and not distracted by the world those wandering thoughts will be sound thoughts that pop into bigger ones.

Prayer is a powerful weapon against sinful thought, whenever we feel our thoughts wandering we should pray, this gets us back on right thinking. Other people can distract us, things can distract us. Surrounding it in prayer, along with the fruit of the Spirit, just tap into what we have been given to deal with this wandering thoughts.

Don’t squander

The mind you’ve been given

Thoughts wander

Do they need to be forgiven

Before you digress

Capture that wandering  thought

Give it to Jesus to oppress

Think of the change that’s been wrought