Sermon Thirty Seven Satan’s tricks

john                                     audio clip


Have you ever had a trick played on you? It is horrible isn’t it  – the moment when everyone else know the joke and you are the butt of it. Sometimes we can feel like our entire life is someone else’s joke at our expense. We lose our job so we can’t pay the rent then because of that we end up on the streets and then because we don’t have an address we can’t get help. So we spiral down into an ever dark world, hope leaves us, depression descends.

What if you knew Christ and all this happened, how would you cope with all this. With each thing that happened Satan would be telling you that he can give you joy. It would take a strong faith to withstand all the above and not to succumb to the devil in thought.

Wesley in this sermon points out all the different ways (more than there is stars in the sky) that Satan tries to turn us back to the world and away from God.

Satan as killjoy, trying to take the joy out of us. Have you ever taken a body blow, emotionally. They hurt, really hurt. But they can floor you without Christ in your life. With Christ they might knock you but you can get back up again. Well Satan doesn’t want you to back up again so he tries to tell you to not bother about that devotion, sure it won’t make a difference will it?

Satan attacks our peace, “you are not holy enough, you are too sinful, you need to do better first” Well of course we know we are not good enough, only God is good and we have that propensity to sin. But if we wait until we are clean we will never get there. We are only cleaned by the blood of Christ we cannot do it on our own.

Satan knows scripture and he will attempt to skew it to his advantage so we must hold fast to the truth and if we feel overwhelmed find someone to help you. That is why fellowship and community is so important. I was talking to someone who got saved in 1973 last week and they were saying how they needed to go to prayer group on Tuesday, they needed that fellowship and community.

When we get sick or we are in pain, Satan chooses this moment to really hone the attack. Whatever he has tried before and failed, he rallies his troops now, in your weakened state you can listen to the lies or you can choose not to.

Satan is a tricky tricker, but we just need to hold fast to the Truth. Don’t ever complain about God, talk to him, if you have a complaint take it to him. If you grumble outside of that, you might send another believer off on a tangent. Some questions cannot have answers yet. There is mystery around them. We have to learn to be like Job happy with the unanswered questions, content to sit in a desperate situation but know the joy of Jesus. Our lives are more arthouse than hallmark. We have to learn as ask the right questions and thank full for it. We are here for such a short time and we have the assurance of knowing we will have answers one day.