Sermon Twenty Nine The moral law

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Wesley says the moral law is a necessary tool of the Holy Spirit to convict us when we are straying. He himself admits to falling short of Jesus’ command on you shall not commit murder even in a bad thought.

The Law as in the ritualistic ceremonial law is gone, the ten commandments are still there. Two more were added Love the Lord your God with all your mind… and love your neighbour as yourself.

But what if you don’t feel much for yourself. One of the first things you are told in counselling is talk to yourself in a mirror. I tried, oh I tried but I could not look myself in the eyes and speak even nice pleasantries to myself. I was unworthy of being spoken to. Worthless.

As I was attending church at this time and listening to these scriptures. I had the loving your neighbour down. Of course I loved everyone else, I could even see God’s mercy extending to repentant murderers but I just couldn’t see it applying to me. I tried to change, turn my back on the sins that were ever present. Work on one and another would appear like the bashing moles game at the seaside.

Out of the blue behaviours surfaced that I had left in my mid twenties or late teens. I became obsessed in an unhealthy way to my appearance and dug holes in my flesh, I began to control the bits of my life I could, going on a very strict dietary intake, forbidding this that and the other but it was no good. I was spiralling into the darkness when I had a small peak of the light.

I was healed in time, in God’s time, and I can look at myself though possibly not as God sees me. I see what’s wrong, he sees a child he loves.

In the law as Wesley sees it we are free. We are free from the yoke of sin, we are free from Mosaic ceremonial law, free from the guilt of sin, free from the fear of hell. He says “continue to obey the law of freedom and so every day you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”