Sermon Twenty Four On worry

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There is more scripture in the first half of this sermon than exposition (that’s a fancy name for explaining the text in language we will understand with illustrations from our own life so like describing it and explaining too). The texts he referred to were when God’s people were mingled with strangers and a double worship took place, keeping the rituals of worshipping God and also worshiping the false gods. Daniel is a good example to us of someone who refused to comply with idol worship in any form. Solomon is a good example of someone who thought he could traverse the two lifestyles and of course he couldn’t.

I remember the story of the man that died on a plane and in the coming months his two wives found out about each other but also found out about the two men – distinct personality traits that were displayed at one address and not the other. There are people who are known as “Sunday Christians” who worship the Lord with all the being on a Sunday but on a Monday it is business as usual, the master of money takes over. It can surprise us when we find out that people in the media “come out” as Christian, but in their day job do not display those characteristics of being a follower of Christ.

This can be true in our own lives. There was a guy who gave his life to Christ and had to give up his job, he was a thief. But what if our day job is not in keeping, or our business practices are not in keeping with the ways of the Lord. Which do we stop? Being Christian or shady dealings. Or do we try to traverse the two?

If God is our master we serve Him alone, we cannot serve two. Serving God means believing in him, trusting him as the source of our joy. It means loving him, not just on a Sunday but every second of every day. It means imitating him, young people particularly are fabulous mimics, they follow their pop idols – the way they dress, talk, walk, dance, wouldn’t it be so wonderful to take those mimicking traits and apply them not to worldly matters but to God – love because he loves, be merciful because he shows mercy, be kind, compassionate and tender hearted because he is all of those things. Serving God means to obey him, glorifying him with our bodies, mind and spirit.

If mammon or money is our master, it means we serve the world so we love the world, desiring it for its own sake looking to worldly things for our happiness. We conform to the world and its standards so we are ambitious and full of pride. We obey the world, we try to be like everyone else following fashion trends and foibles.

If we try to have both as masters, we get confused, it is not consistent or comfortable and is not in anyway conceivable, it is a fallacy.

In the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus talks about worry he is not telling us to be casual about our lives. He expects us to work and take care of our people and live honest lives and not run up piles of debt. He is telling us to not worry about the things that are out of our hands. Do what you can in the present. Seek the Kingdom of God first before thinking of anything else, seek what God requires of you. He will give us what we need to advance the Kingdom.

There is a very famous story of a guy who ran up to people on the street and said “If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven” now many, many people heard this same line, and some probably discarded it as the ramblings of someone deranged, some heard and were discouraged, some heard and made a few changes in their lives BUT some heard and really heard and went seeking the Lord. Some of these people now are pastors and missionaries. This man with his catalystic words helped Christ transform lives and those lives then went on to help Christ transform many, many more. This guy was no one special in the material sense but in God’s sense he was vital, a link in the chain that brought the Kingdom ever closer.

Will we be links in that chain? Step by step the Kingdom comes, the Kingdom grows, the Kingdom gains ground. Today is the day we will be witnessing to everyone we meet, are we ready?

Give Him your heart NOW

Trust in Him NOW

Be as holy as He is NOW

Seize every opportunity of doing His will NOW

Put up with suffering NOW as you follow Jesus

Surrender yourself today – ALL OF YOU, clear out the cobwebs in your mind, discard the shards of glass in your heart, leave the things of the world behind, they mean nothing.

Seek only to know God and his Son Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit

Love Him, serve Him and enjoy Him now and throughout eternity