abundance in the desert

My retainer broke, I need new spectacles, the van needs a service and the electric bill is in. So many strains on my purse strings.

Child benefit arrived, a cheque arrived, Mr. Anon paid the electric bill and I was surprised by my wage slip arriving – I had forgotten about working last week.


So I am thinking of a holiday, or maybe a retreat. Just me and the Lord on vacation together, I have places I could go, open invitations to visit, but then again Haworth Moor sounds appealing and even more so Embleton beach. So many places.

Away, take flight

Sojourn in Tralee for a while

Praying the meeting with Michael goes well today.

Peregrine fly with the wind

Thinking of Mary and Bill, so little time, precious moments

Feel the wind in your wings, little one

Eleanor, I love you and your prickly bits, most of all I love watching you shed them one by one

Up up up into the greying clouds and yonder

Dennis and Mark, praying for you both, what a blast we had! Many blessings.


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