Day One on Wesley

The idea of learning and being familiar with John Wesley’s sermons, well forty four of them anyway is not something that ever appealed to me. Not because I don’t have a deep respect for John Wesley and his evangelism in the working class areas of the north of England from where I come from. Not because I have any problem studying lengthy documents and gleaning their relevance to today.

No my problem is that it is marketed as a book learning exercise but I (of course) will not be doing it like that. I am coming at them in a spirit of prayer and personal reflection on his ideas that we are made in the image of God to sin and grace, salvation through Christ, assurance, sanctification etc. It will be devotional and confessional rather than theoretical, allowing the sermons to read me, pierce my heart and convict me by the Holy Spirit in those areas of my life that are not of God.

My plan is to read out loud the sermons in plain English and leave a copy here for anyone who wishes to hear them and then write about them, read sermons based on Wesley’s sermons and devote lots of time (twenty two days) to this project.

So with God’s help, with the Spirit flowing freely and in communion with the Living Lord let’s press on.