{leaving} moving on {moving in}

Posterous closed, well I knew it was coming. Whenever a small company gets aligned with a big one, stuff happens. The Body Shop when it opened would let you come in and fill up your old bottles, you could just keep the tops. You could mix your own blend of essential oils with massage oil. It used packaging that was biodegradeable or reuseable. The contents seemed to be naturally occurring stuff.

Go in a Body Shop now and there oodles of cellophane, tons of packaging and no more can you fill up an old bottle.

So I am aware stuff happens.

I had to find a new place to store my verbal diarrhoea, I had few criteria and I forgot one simple one – easy to use. But hey – I will learn.

My criteria were – pretty and I had already used it so voilá we have not only a wordpress blog but a domain name.

I am so excited to finally have my name (well okay it is not my name) on a dot com. I have already made mistakes like posting to my old very dark marycronin.wordpress.com blog instead of here.

Loads of beginnings and endings today.

New blog

New course – English composition 1

New list – made the AA/NA/Ga list

New project – 24/7 deadline week on Friday

Can I mention I have a new ipad (so happy)

Old course finished today – Introduction to Philosophy

Old Course finished today – The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Colour

Completed tasks today – oh so many, I am in the writing groove, may long it continue.


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