As part of my 365 books in a year project I read today a book on slang written in 1913. It is an amazing tome of words long forgotten, or made new by fashions that are now world wide. We live in a goldfish bowl where words like “the bomb” have gone global.

cutte quyer whyddes is my favourite phrase, it conjures up for me exactly what it means based on prior knowledge but I showed it to a couple of people this afternoon and it was gobbledegook for them. It means to say evil words. which in my language is gossip.

When I was young, living in rural Lancashire, corporation pop was our drink of only choice, in this book though it gives me more words for the same thing – Adam’s ale or Adam’s wine, also known as pawnee, pani and pané, and lag. It is God’s gift to us  – water.

Amazingly husband’s tea is the perfect slang for really weak tea. I enjoyed reading this thoroughly because of the descriptions and that words such as “fly” as a slang term had a similar meaning to the current use of it coming over via American television.


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