places and spaces

So y’all know I am in a small congregation and some of you share that congregation with me. We are people in common. We are sisters and brothers united in Christ. We are family. 


We are not picture postcard family, if someone took our picture at that moment some of us would be struggling, some of us would be soaring, some of us would be in between and some of us would not be there.

When we “do” church it is important to go. To “be” in church, to be there for ourselves but also for others. But not ever forgetting why we are there in the first place, to worship our God, to bring our praise to him, to pray, sing and listen, to hear words of wisdom from God through the channel that is the preacher. 

This morning our numbers were depleted because of a bunch of beautiful people took themselves away from the world and spent the weeking being with Lord. Thet sat at the feet of Jesus and walked with the Lord closely. While they did church together on retreat, the rest of our congregation came together and did church more traditionally.

I am so thank FULL for this morning, there was confirmation, there was giving, there was fellowship. There was peace, there was assurance of hope, there was the “Wizard of Oz”. The retreaters could not click their ruby slippers together three times to be home, they needed cars and driving skill. But they got the other stuff – peace, hope, confirmation, giving and lots and lots of fellowship.

We are church without walls, we are not a building, we are a people of God, who despite differences in how we got here, come together in community and fellowship and unity. 

I love chuch

I love the people

I love church and people and people who DO church and people who BE church

and all the things in between;


Lord, thank you for church, thank you for people, thank YOU for everything, amen

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