The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14


Many discussions this week about Jesus and humanity. As I write this I am holding a fleshy bit (my stomach) not till it hurts but just enough to feel it. Jesus became flesh. The Son of God came down from heaven and became a real human being whilst being fully divine.

As I hold my stomach I think of him doing that {for me} for everyone on this planet. There was a chasm between God and us. The relationship was broken, needed fixing and he came to fix it. There is a phrase coined by Warren Buffett called “Skin in the game.” It means investing your own money in the company you work or own – putting your money on the line. God invested in humanity by becoming one of us.




Jesus lived in this world laughing and playing just like us, walking and crying just like us. When the time was right he teached, preached, healed and for all the time he walked on the earth he prayed and loved. 

We can only appreciate true humanity by studying Jesus and his walk on this planet. We can only be true humanity embodied when we follow Jesus, we we walk the walk and talk the talk, showing and telling in our daily lives.

God came to earth and got his sandals dirty to save us. He did “be” first – praying for us constantly, reaching out to us, being with us. And then changed our lives.

Getting personal, I was not reformed from something already made, I was knocked back like dough, smashed down and then built anew. All the barriers, walls, moats, turrets, entire castle battlements gone. And what’s left. —–

Me, in my weakness, me soft as putty, me a new creation, surrendered in every aspect of my life for my God. Surrendered to my Lord. Submission is total and utterly complete. I am a vessel for the Lord to use in whatever way He wishes, whether it is canoeing a freezing pond in Birmingham or baking a cake in a new age kitchen or chatting to a chap in a car park about the good news. Strengthened only through Christ not through any of my own strength.


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