Walk by faith not sight

Imagine no rainbow seeing, rainbow watching, rainbow touching, rain drops feeling, raindrops tasting. Imagine no senses:

Imagine not being able to notice the first crocuses in Spring or the leaves turning all those rich golden colours in autumn.

Imagine not being able to smell newly mown grass on a summer’s morning or turf fires burning in the grates in November

Imagine not being able to hear the waves crashing on the rocks in a wintry storm or the birds chirruping in March, home for the good weather.

Imagine not being able to walk barefoot on carpets of grass or sand, or shuffling through autumn leaves or splashing through puddles in boots.

Imagine not being able to touch a new born baby or lift your hands in praise or feel for  the alarm in the morning.

Imagine being deprived of the senses that make sense of the world.

Imagine being loved so much that all the senses you have respond to that love.

Imagine being wrapped in arms so strong, that strength fills every pore, every cell of your body.

Imagine the unimaginable ……………and LEAP

We walk by faith, not by sight or any other sense. Each foot we place on our journey is planted there not by our human endeavour but by surrendering our human weakness to the strength of the Lord.

He alone can strengthen us in times of trial, hold our hand whilst we skip with joy and love us, that fathomless, bottomless, beautiful love that we bask in.

In our weakness we hold firm to the one who is strong.

When we can’t see, hear, touch, move, smell and taste anything good in our lives, when the living is from breath to breath. When our life feels empty of without purpose, when hope is fading and fading fast. He is with us. We can let it all go, we can give all our worries and concerns to Him. Faith in Him, faith in our place in His family, if we place our faith in Him all things are possible through Him. Placing all our hope with Him instead of material possessions or human relationships, is the only And when we can smell the coffee, feel the sand and can jump for joy,


He delights in our joy.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:18-19

One comment

  1. Make your own rainbow Charlene – read Pollyanna – she will show you how!Can’t wait to know you "in reality" as well as virtually.

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