in {confidence} my life

A hundred years or more ago, or it feels like it. I wrote about reading Christian books with that modern jocular tone with people mentioned. It was one book in particular where the guy was writing about a couple in his church that were struggling with adultery. It got me thinking and writing about how one goes about telling a story without mentioning names and hurting people. It was important because I was embarking on a blog about this life.

One way of course is to only talk about yourself but that is narcissism and to be avoided. Another way is not to write. I pontificate on this in the piece and come up with a compromise. Explaining to people that they may wind up in these lines.

I will republish that piece later on in the week. And NOTE TO SELF: republish at regular intervals. There was occasion recently when a fellow sibling in Christ shared their guts out to me. Told me their backstory and to be honest if I had tried to make it up I would have fallen short. Their story is amazing, complex and really writable.

That sibling, has in writing, that I will never publish or use their story in any way because it was told in confidence – in confidence as in confidential and in confidence as in confident in me that I would not repeat the story. They didn’t ask for it, I gave the piece of paper outlining my understanding of in confidence.

You see these big Christian writers who pontificate on an issue a hundred years or more in their church don’t realise that the bit parts to  their stories are real people who are still alive and still might be struggling with the ramifications of adultery or whatever it is.

A big part of the surrender in my life this year happened in two situations both bound by confidence, both cannot be spoken about and yet the ramifications for me of those situations is that I have jumped and am still jumping, a jump without an end!

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