random thoughts and positions followed me today. I was so flitty in my mind that when Kay came for coffee she told me to shut up. Usually it is the other way round.

I got knocked off my feet and onto my knees by one powerful awesome God and spent some time in the child yoga position and let the peace surround and invade me.

Caroline and Lisa this morning had wisdom for me as well as just being there to let me vent. Rosa sorted herself out which meant I was free for Shona. Life is complicated, or we make life complicated. Caroline is such a blessing in my life, she has that york common sense so missing in my own life. Lisa is stepping up, always a bit of an oddity herself she is pushing through the pontification and had some valid stuff to say today. 

Rosa and Shona, my two bffs, oh how I pray for the day when they will be churched. Rosa making a patchwork quilt of life and Shona like a bull in a china shop. Beautiful people, my people. If or when I leave here I will miss them most.

Just as I put down the dinner, Kay rang and came over. Flitty Suzie and flitty Kay spoke non stop for a thousand sentences or more only curtailed by our phones and more conversations. She left whilst Troolie was sharing wisdom.

A real girlie day with wise flitty unchurched women and a mighty astonishing Lord. I needed today both the fellowship and the kneeling. Bonus yoga.

To Do:

write to Charlene cos she is reading this and I like to give her a land in a good way

write Troolies name too so she can smile wryly

sort my oddities out


One comment

  1. Funny. You’re right — I’m reading it. ‘Wish I had so many friends to be ODD with. Laughing and yacking with other women is good for us all. You can never have too much of it. :))Silly, glistening human beans!~Charlene

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