all-in trusting


I put no trust in my bow, 
    my sword does not bring me victory; Psalm 44:6


A soldier is lamenting that they don’t trust their weapons. No, what the guy is really saying is bows break and swords rust but the word of the Lord is unchanging. He can go to war and use the tool of his trade but he will only be successful by giving all the trust to God. Not a small bit left over on Friday tea time.

This soldier is “all – in” I love that phrase – all-in.

All in, I think of skipping rhymes and jumping in to skip with a long line of girls. There was always one girl so enthusiastic that the skipping stopped usually around May or June if we were skipping the months of the year. Enthusiasm

All-in, I think of a jump when your whole body has to work together to land safely. For humans – so hard, the gymnastics at the olympics showed points wee lost for non-perfect landing. Cats can fall and somehow right themselves within the fall so they walk away without a backward glance

All-in, a cake mixture where all the ingredients are thrown in together, stirred, thrown in the oven and it still rises. The sponge has a less even texture and doesn’t rise as much as a sponge that has been slaved over. This is a gung-ho cake, a jolly hockey sticks cake, enthusiasm winning over critical acclaim

All-in, me and you, jumping into the unknown. Yes Lord whatever, wherever, without a backward glance, jumping into something. I am all-in to this life, this new creation

How could I not be? 

How can I not be eternally grateful for the changes wrought in me? How can I not jump up and down in joyful abandon at what the Lord has done for me? 

I am ALL-IN whatever you require, wherever you want me, I am there. 

Who would have envisaged wallflower me, background baby, behind not in front of the camera, me, jumping up and down, shouting and roaring, all in I am all in. My entire life, my body, my mind, my heart and my soul are all there for the Lord, ready to be used however he wants.

*In researching this piece I discovered “all-in” is a gambling term. I don’t gamble, can’t gamble, must not gamble but I still like the phrase. So it needs modification because being all-in with God is not a gamble, it is not a bet with odds and chips. It is a certainty, it is assurance, it is love.


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