Answer the question, Suzie


Time for a list of questions

  1. Why does my side still hurt?
  2. Why can’t I get the clothes dry?
  3. Why does the calorie site say I don’t eat enough?
  4. Why was Úna in cath lab for five hours?
  5. Why do I have Touched By An Angel on the televison?
  6. Why did Mrs Quinn snub me?
  7. Who knew Caroline had those words in her vocabulary?
  8. Why did I spend €250.00 on a summer camp that he is AWOL from?
  9. Why is my bank account still blocked by Ulster Bank?
  10. Why do I have so many posts to write?

And for some answers – 


It is all black and white – 

thank you Lord for safe passage of Una in cath lab, thank you Lord for this beautiful day, for my gorgeous children and hard working husband, thank you Lord for friends, even when they are going through times that scare me, thank you Lord that I don’t have to worry about money, that even though I have none I don’t need any, thank you for helping me make frugal and judicious decisions in this regard, oh Lord eternal thank yous for all the changes you have made in my life, and continue to make, thank you for all you are teaching me about parenting at the moment.


Life is good

God is good

Life is God

God is life

One comment

  1. Suzie.. this is a good one.. a lot of times we spend more time asking why, instead of just understanding God’s ways. Sometimes it’s easier to let life unfold instead of fighting what is against us. It’s hard but it’s sometimes the only way…. good write 🙂 Karen

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