I have had so many projects in progress, I have been finding time to study quite difficult. The use of time, in my life, has shifted a little; I have chords and scales to learn on guitar and keyboard, there is music theory to remember (remember how useless I was at it first time around)

All the time my saxophone smiles at me sardonically, I shrug back at it because I still don’t have enough breath to vibrate the reed for an appropriate length of time.

Study is a term I use for ‘Faith &Worship’, the other studies – music, creative writing and vocal training are all secondary to that. Tertiary again are all the art studies I’m doing and then after all that there are the random theology courses I do for fun and the learning as I go along rebuilding the house.

So imagine my chagrin on my six mile walk on Monday I see my red birds. Last year on a Sunday afternoon driving back from service I would see these wee red birds briefly, always briefly flitting into the trees about a mile away by Leary’s farm.  After a few weeks I was up at my foster dad’s and he insisted on being brought out to the spot. Of course my birds disappeared, never to be seen in that place again.

I was half way into my walk, as the crow flies half a mile from my home (note: the term home for the house I live in)  but three miles in either direction with an uphill. Then to compound it, they were doing silage in a field half a mile down. So ran home (which I am not allowed to do ) collected Séan, the van, the zoom lens and the Nikon and dive back over with a coffee – to settle down for some serious twittering (original meaning) Got the shots of the silage – so many it can be animated.


Surprise, surprise, Séan, did not want to hang around for a bird (give him a year or two) so we went home.  Then we all got sick.

On Thursday I still needed to be close enough to home but had bogroll just in case. I went off to photograph Scartaglen starting with my birds. They were not there but I discovered some really pretty bits in Scart.

A really freaky, weird, funny, could only happen to me event occurred on my travels. Up on the road between Ballintourrig and Gneeveguilla there is a wee boreen that eventually goes to the drive of Jack the Block and from there by foot I can walk home (there is a bar and a huge padlock that stops me driving) so I thought I’d drive along the boreen and look at Pa’s new extension (and get jealous except there are four new builds up there and I couldn’t work it out) Waved to Mr F, fairly sure he didn’t know me and then there was a jeep.


The jeep was parked in the middle and a guy was behind it. I stopped as you do when you can’t get past and waited. He walked off (see photo) and then at least eight people of all ages and sizes (like the Beverly Hillbillies) all dived into the jeep and reversed half a mile. It was one of those moments I should’ve continued to photo but I got shy.

Eventually I went back to my bird place and took photos of the linnet and the bird whose song goes tweet tweet tirrup tirrup. I still think there is another red bird unaccounted for but it is better for me to walk than to drive, especially a six mile circle that begins and ends at home.


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