cluttery flutter

Flat on my back again, sick. I hate, really do not like, detest being sick. I am not a sickly fragile flower, about to crumble at any time (not physically anywho!) and yet since I took steps two months ago to be healthier I keep finding myself flattened.

A bug arrived in my house on Monday morning, flooring Sean.

Tuesday evening Séan was afflicted at both ends.

Wednesday morning I was pre-syncope at my writing so retired to a supine position.

Physical sickness floors us and then if we are healthy we recover and get back to normal.

I have been decluttering my emails, letting go of some rubbish, some hurt, some happiness. Flitting in the ether, they are all gone..

In a drawer in my room I have a pile of old letters. Some full of rubbish, some full of hurt, some full of happiness. These physical remnants of my life I keep.

It is so easy to press delete on a computer, poof, gone but to put my great-great-aunts’ missives in the bin, that feels like a part of their history is gone.

One of these aunts was pioneer in the area of domestic abuse as we call it now or kicking the sh*t out of a wife or child as they called it then.

My great-uncle got an honour from QE2 for his coverage of the “moors murders”

Another aunt got one of those honours for her services to teaching.

They have a history, that will pass into the ether after me, no one else is remembering them.

So should I just let go of them?

A wise woman I know says

 “we should be like birds – only carry what we need”

A friend of mine was told by her pastor to declutter her life, oh he didn’t just say it to her he said it to the congregation. Being a good flock they went home and decluttered then visited each others homes and took their clutter. – Not exactly what he had in mind.

So after virtually decluttering I think I might do some physical decluttering when I can stand straight.


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