I was listening to a beautiful sermon today. full of humour, song and totally and utterly from the heart. Each word had a place in the message, it was like little gifts culminating in a big huge gift – following an advent calendar is like that. A wee window giving a glimpse each day and then on the final day or the first day the present of remembering Jesus’ birth.

A sermon like this is remembered and shared not just on that day but in the following days and weeks. Some people will be able to remember this kind of sermon for a very long time and  able to use it to share the good news.

There are times when

one human voice can pollinate an entire group of people. People from the distant past , John Wesley could fill entire market squares with people willing to listen to the good news. Keith Green in the 1970’s had a message that he shared with small and large groups. Today we have the opportunity to listen to sermons live given in the States or Australia, we can download and save for later. We can listen to one or more sermons a day. They are all important, they ll have a message. Some are given by charismatic leaders of mega churches, some are given by pastors in small townships around the globe.

What is important?

That the word coming from the mouth of the speaker comes from the heart

That the good news is being spread or pollinated

That Christians are encouraged, challenged, given a task or mission

That the Lord is glorified throughout the world

What is not important?

The look of the person speaking

The charisma of the person speaking

How loud they speak, how much they fling their arms around

How much scripture they can recite

When I look at a rose I want to clearly see, feel, smell the rose. I don’t want a picture painting for me that does not do the rose justice.

When I listen to a sermon I want to clearly feel, smell, see, hear the message. I don’t want the person glorified instead of God

I was blessed and honoured today to hear such a sermon, the Lord is astonishing and amazing, and he moved in that room today.

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