thanksgiving in my heart


Giving thanks, how many ways, how many times can I say from the bottom of my heart thank You.

I am on this incredible journey it is fast and slow at hte same time i.e. I am on fast forward, with slow motion. It is virtually impossible to explain. A little bit “BBC Natural History”, a little bit “Airbender”, a little bit “Waltons” and a little bit “Rosanne” all mixed up together and it is wonderful. There is no media/film/tv/book that can sum it up.

‘The Unrest Cure’ by Saki comes to mind but it is more than that because there is rest there too, there is peace.

Keith talks a lot about tension, and that is what I feel, tension.

What would a triangle be without tension?

What would a fence be without tension?

What would a blade cut without tension?

Tension that is needed in a bridge, in guitar strings, in a handbrake cable in a … (very long list)

What would a triangle be without tension?

What would a fence be without tension?

What would your body be without tension?

  • A direct relationship between the total cellular traction force on the ECM and the endogenous cell–cell force exists, indicating that the cell–cell tension is a constant fraction of the cell-ECM traction. Thus, modulation of ECM properties that impact cell-ECM traction alters cell–cell tension.

Surface tension – ever wondered how tyres grip, traction maintained, force exerted….

even a bicycle has tension in the gear cable and in the chain.

Tension is everywhere:

Too much tension and the guitar string breaks, the bridge snaps, the handbrake doesn’t work ….

Too little tension and the guitar sounds baaad, the bridge sinks and the brake lifts right up and you’re left unable to park on slopes.

We need tension, we need tension in objects, we need tension in our bodies, we need tension in our minds and hearts and we need tension in our faith.

There is a tension in saying thank you. Too fast and it is just a pleasantry, a nothingness in manners, too slow and it is an after thought, almost forgotten. Tone is vital too flat sounds sarcastic, too musical sounds mechanical – “Good morning, How may I help you? Would you like a large one? Thank you, have a nice day!” We may not have all worked there but we know the patter, we know there is a thanks in there. Is it necessary? Does it make you a repeat customer?

In prayer we give thanks, in song we give thanks. How do we do that? Based on previous paragraph, are we going through the motions, parrot fashion. Or

Are we really digging deep, going to the bottom of our hearts and allowing the thank you that is brewing there to burst forth into life so our thank yous to the Lord have shape, have resonance, have form. Something real, something so very real.

My thanks today, and for many many days now take on a mantra for portions of the day in fast forward and then in slow motion and sometimes both at the same time. I cannot begin to understand why the Lord wanted me, he does, I am full of thanks for that want. I am full of thanks for the changes he has made and continues to change in me. I am full of thanks for every tiny atom in my life. It would take more days than I have left on this earth to say everything, one by one for which I am thank FULL for.

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