We were none of us thinking of danger,
As the train sped on in the night,
'Till the flames front a burning forest. 
Made the passengers wild with fright,
Then a tiny maid near a window, with a smile, said,
"There's nothing to fear;
I'm sure that no harm will befall you,
My Dad's the engineer.
"Daddy's on the engine, don't be afraid;
Daddy knows what he is doing,"
 said the little maid;
"We'll soon be out of danger, 
don't you ever fear;
Every one is safe, because my Dad's the engineer.
"With the sparks falling closely about us,
Thro' the flames we aped on so fast,
And the brave little maid's father,
Brought us thro' the danger all safe at last;
And the proud, sweet face of his lassie,
And the words of the calm, little dear,
Will live in my mem'ry forever,
"My Dad's the engineer." -Refrain.
Copyright, MDCCCXCV, by Henry J. Wehman.Words and Music by Charles Graham.

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